This week on SoundNotes our Founder and CEO, Mike Cottmeyer, joins Dave to discuss why simply showing up and having the answer for the customer is not...View Details

This week LeadingAgile Senior Consultant Matthew Oatts joins Dave for a different kind of interview. This is the first of two interviews we will be po...View Details

First Principles

At LeadingAgile our approach to helping organizations transform the way they work is deeply rooted in First Principles. These are core beliefs we all ...View Details

Lance Kind, Daryl Kulak, and George Walters join for this podcast episode about software. Daryl and George describe how they help companies answer the...View Details

All About Spikes

Spike solutions are one of the ways extreme programming teams "figure out answers to tough technical or design problems". Their use has evolved over t...View Details

This is the fourth episode in our series of podcasts about Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. Using the book Mindset by Carol Dweck as a jumping-off point, Mar...View Details

Growth Mindset: Effort

This podcast is our third in a series of conversations focused on Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. Leveraging the work in Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset, Mary K...View Details

Working with the Product folks at LeadingAgile is different than a lot of other Product Management gigs. In this interview, LeadingAgile’s Andrew Youn...View Details

Advanced Scrum Mastery

In this week’s SoundNotes podcast, Dave is joined by Vic Bonacci, CST who recently joined the LeadingAgile team. As Certified Scrum Trainers, both Dav...View Details

Prioritizing Value

Being strategic is about planning to reach our goals and deciding what to do with our limited capacity to achieve those aspirations and vision. But to...View Details

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