As vaccination rates rise and the number of people infected with Covid-19 drops our world is slowly moving on to some new form of normal. Many of us h...View Details

Earlier this year LeadingAgile was contacted by GC Uttam who expressed an interest in taking Certified Scrum Master training. Uttam wanted to learn ho...View Details

This is the first in a series of podcasts we’ll be doing on Growth Mindset. In this episode Mary Kaufman and Dave Prior discuss what a growth mindset ...View Details

This week in SoundNotes Lance Kind joins Dave to talk about Scaled Agile Tech Coaching. In this episode, Lance and Dave explore how technical coaching...View Details

One of the things you need for Agile practices to deliver on their promise is a fully dedicated team of people working together to deliver value in a ...View Details

Many organizations of all sizes have been publicly experimenting with Dojos—immersive learning environments adopted from ancient martial arts practice...View Details

You can have different levels of Agility in an organization—and those are all necessary and great. But it takes more to achieve Business Agility, whic...View Details

Simply sending your people off to training, or bringing someone in to train isn’t going to automatically get you the value you want out of it.  In thi...View Details

This week’s SoundNotes features a question submitted by a student during a recent Certified Scrum Master class. The question was posted in the topic p...View Details

What is DevOps? How does it tie into the LeadingAgile model? How do we deal with the complications it presents when we apply it at scale? In this week...View Details

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