When we are trying to figure out what products to build, we have to develop a deep understanding of the problem we are solving. To do that, we have to...View Details

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing push within organizations to move from a project-oriented mindset to a more product-focused appr...View Details

In many organizations, the group responsible for procurement, and the processes they follow, were established under a traditional (waterfall) approach...View Details

In this episode of SoundNotes, Ross Beurmann joins Dave to talk about the difference between Leadership and Management. Although many confuse the two ...View Details

In this episode of SoundNotes Will Evans is back to discuss why behavior trumps empathy and the secret to building the right thing. During the intervi...View Details

One of the most critical, and unfortunately, neglected elements of ensuring your teams can deliver the most value possible, is making sure they can se...View Details

Ross Beurmann is back! And this week in SoundNotes Ross and Dave discuss ATOs and PMOs. If you aren't familiar with what an Agile Transformation Offic...View Details

This week in SoundNotes we’re focusing on a question asked by a student in a recent class: Can you use Agile for Mergers and Acquisitions? To address ...View Details

This week in LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, Tina Wang spends some time with Dave talking about Lean Portfolio Management. During the conversation, Tina an...View Details

Despite the fact that in many organizations the Enterprise Architect and the Enterprise Solutions Architect are often conflated, they are very distinc...View Details

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