This episode of SoundNotes focuses on Definition of Ready. A few weeks ago, Dave Nicolette created a post in Field Notes that was the result of a current debate in the Agile community about whether having a Definition of Ready helps, or harms our ability to deliver value for the customer.

The episode begins with Dave Nicolette explaining Definition of Ready within the context of the LeadingAgile model. After that, he and Dave Prior discuss/debate the the pros and cons of DoR from their respective backgrounds (Developer vs. PM).

Links From The Podcast

The LeadingAgile Compass

Dave Nicolette's Field Notes Post "Should Agile Teams Have a Definition of Ready?…tion-of-ready/

Mike Cohn's blog post "The Dangers of a Definition of Ready…n-of-ready

Jeff Sutherland's Definition of Ready post on Scrum Inc. with comments from Michael James

If you'd like to check out a sample Definition of Ready, here is one provided by Kenny Rubin.

For more on Alexander Laufer's work on Uncertainty…67.1994.9726951

Or you can read Mike Cohn's explanation here.…ncertainty


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