When we try to explain Agile, many of us begin by trying to describe some of the characteristics of how we approach work. We often talk about things like:
  • Limiting work in process
  • Delivering smaller increments of work
  • Reducing team size and empowering the teams to become cross-functional and self-organizing
These are all things that, from an Agile point of view, are good because they help us to focus on the most important things, optimize flow, localize decision making, and deliver the most important thing at a higher level of quality.
But, for those who are not familiar with our approach, what they may hear is
  • I can't have all the things I want
  • The things I do get will be smaller
  • I no longer have control of the people and how they work
A lot of this comes down to the words we use to convey the message.
This week's episode of SoundNotes is a discussion centered around the Language of Loss and the Language of Gain. During the podcast, you'll hear LeadingAgile Founder and CEO Mike Cottmeyer, Senior Consultant Andrew Young, and Dave Prior as they dig into the different levels of this topic. Together, the three of us will discuss how we can raise our awareness and shift the conversation to focus on what Agile gives, as opposed to what Agile takes.


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