In this week’s podcast, LeadingAgile’s Jim Hayden and Tim Wise join Dave to respond to questions submitted by students from our CSM and CSPO classes:

Question 1: How PBIs Get Into The Product Backlog

"Quick question. I was wondering if you had any ideas around a process for getting items into a backlog? I currently just stepped into a role and one of the first things I'm wanting to tackle is a process for placing items into our backlog. Currently things are all over the place because the developers are kind of doing their own thing . In order to create some consistency among PBI's do you think it's a good idea for one individual (ME) to create all PBI's? It's a fairly small team with 6 developers so I don't anticipate any bottle neck. If you don't think having one individual is a good idea then what recommendations do you have for putting a process in place for my team?" (Begins at 02:37)

Question 2: Moving to Waterfall From Agile

"The only thing we didn't have time to talk about was how to manage transitions from waterfall to agile.  Will you please send me or upload to the box (if you haven't already done it) some tips/techniques/advices about how to handle that process?" (Begins at 19:31)

Contacting Jim

Contacting Tim

Contacting Dave


If you have comments on the podcast, or have questions for the LeadingAgile coaches that you’d like to have addressed in a future episode of LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, you can reach Dave at

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