A Scrum Master wears many hats. They act as a servant leader to the team and the organization. They are also expected to develop a level of skill with having the ability to take on different coaching stances when they are working with individuals, teams, and organizations. In LeadingAgile’s Certified Scrum Master classes we devote time to exploring servant leadership and four of the coaching stances a Scrum Master needs to be able to take: Teaching, Facilitating, Coaching, and Mentoring. In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile’s Learning and Development Coordinator, Luther Harris joins Dave to share his take on what being a servant leader entails and how these four stances must be developed in succession because they build on one another. Luther has a background in education that plays heavily into his take on these topics. Whether you are working as a Scrum Master or higher up in the org chart, if you are leading people, this podcast is going to give you food for thought.

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