This week LeadingAgile Senior Consultant Matthew Oatts joins Dave for a different kind of interview. This is the first of two interviews we will be posting with Matthew and they both focus on what it is like to work here at LeadingAgile and how to make the most of your early days with the company. Because LeadingAgile has a unique point of view and approach to organizational change and Agile transformation when people join the company we take extra care to make sure they are up to speed on the LeadingAgile Why and How. As the company has matured over the years our on-boarding process has gone through a number of iterations and has evolved into a very comprehensive robust program.

But, Matt joined LeadingAgile during the 2nd half of December of 2021. In consulting, the last few weeks of December are pretty slow and this meant Matt was going to need to wait for an on-boarding class to start. This gave Matt some time to dig around on his own and discover his own path while he waited for his official introduction to the way of LeadingAgile. During this interview, we discuss some of the most valuable things Matt picked up on during his first few weeks and his take on what it is like getting started at LeadingAgile. In a few weeks, once he has officially completed his onboarding, were going to do a follow-up to see how he felt about his official introduction to LeadingAgile.

For anyone considering working here, or getting started working here, this interview should offer valuable tips on what makes LeadingAgile a unique place to work and how to make the most of your initial days with the company.

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