Finding, supporting, and retaining people with skills and talent is never easy. Over the past few years, between the pandemic and the great resignation, it has become even more challenging. What attracts the next generation of talented change agents? How can you help them grow into the skilled transformation ninjas you need them to be? If you are part of one of the older generations, how can you become more aware of your blind spots and take steps to improve the way you engage with the people who will lead us into the future?

This week in SoundNotes, Dave is joined by Lien Nguyen and Regan Jenkins who both work as staff consultants at LeadingAgile. During the interview, they discuss what LeadingAgile was able to offer that they could not find elsewhere, the different ways they are supported by the folks they work with, and they also offer Dave some tips on how he can show up for in a helpful and supportive way for those who are in the earlier stages of their careers.

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