Earlier this month, Dave sat down for another Q&A with our CEO, Mike Cottmeyer. Prior to recording, we asked the audience to submit their question...View Details

Once again, Mike and Dave sat down to discuss some of Mike's latest thoughts on Agile Transformation and answer questions that we received from the au...View Details

In this week’s episode of LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, we’ve got an interview/case study of sorts. Marty Bradley, Greg King, and Jessica Wolfe sha...View Details

Back in September, Mike and Dave got together for our first ever live Q&A. The conversation was streamed on Facebook, so they were able to answer ...View Details

his Spring at Agile Australia 2018, Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at Thoughtworks and Agile Manifesto co-author gave a Keynote titled "The State of A...View Details

Cara presented two sessions at Agile 2018: Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion What Part Does My Priviledge Play (with Steve Holyer)Codex Story: C...View Details

Esther's Sessions at Agile 2018 were: Creating an Environment for Successful Agile TeamsClarity, Conditions, and Constraints: An Alternative to Top Do...View Details

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Laura's sessions at Agile 2018: Never Would I Ever: Examining Your Agile Non-Negotiables w/ Jenny Tarwater Say “Yes" to “No" - The Power of “No"...View Details

Natalie led two sessions at Agile 2018:MVR: Minimally Viable Relationships (with Jenny Tarwater)The Customer is Not Always Right... and Neither are Yo...View Details

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